Andi St.Pierre

Jeff Stone

Managing Director, Sana Sano Capital

Jeff Stone is a corporate finance and strategy professional with more than ten years of experience within financial services and other industries. His expertise includes assessing the business impact of strategic investments, opportunities, new ventures and acquisitions; as well as leading strategic planning efforts with an emphasis on delivering financial and operational value to both businesses and customers. 

He has worked with a wide range of organizations in terms of size and maturity, from Fortune 100 organizations to hyper-growth franchises and start-up ventures. He has held strategic financial positions at Planet Fitness World Headquarters and Liberty Mutual.

Jeff holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Boston University, and a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Economics from the University of New Hampshire.  He lives on the NH Seacoast with his wife, Kate, young daughter, Juliana, and dog Franklin.   



Course Description: Financial Narratives

Financial Narratives guides you through the process of analyzing financial information and turn it into a compelling narrative. That narrative might use data to inform stakeholders or persuade potential clients.

In the course, student teams will interpret and deconstruct current corporate reports (financial and operational) as an entry point to understanding various types of intentional reporting. Learning that the data is not always sufficient in getting your point across, this course challenges teams to then craft and present financial reporting for a given situation and audience.