Program Philosophy

The BiP program seeks to recreate many of the benefits associated with externally generated high impact experiences in a controlled campus setting. Developed and delivered by business professionals who can speak from experience and provide content informed by their current work environment, students can obtain an inside look without leaving campus.

What You Can Expect

We hope that your participation in the BiP program will be a rewarding one. It is an opportunity to make a difference by helping our students gain a greater appreciation of what is needed to achieve professional success. We pledge to be there every step of the way and will actively collaborate with you the design of your course, how to teach your course, and what you can do to develop your own personal skills and knowledge.

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to turn out business school graduates who are better prepared to step in and make a contribution from the very start of their professional career. It is to give our students a small sampling of what they can expect from a “real” work environment and help them to gain an awareness of not only how things work, but also provide them with those necessary skills and tools that will help them achieve success.

Course Goals

The BiP program consists of a series of two credit courses that sit “on top” of the existing curriculum in order to enhance the core curriculum. The courses are designed to show our students how to take the knowledge they have acquired from the core curriculum and put it into practice. As part of this process, they acquire needed hard and soft skills that will place them in a superior position to launch their professional careers.

Support Structure

The program has a faculty director, an associate director, a community of over 50 fellow instructors, and a team of students that are here to help you achieve success. We will help you learn how to instructor, assist in the design of your course, and help you manage whatever student issues come your way. We are constantly developing new tools and ways of providing support to our instructors in a spirit of continuous improvement.

University Policies

All students are subject to the rules laid out in the Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities Handbook. 

Student’s Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

Course Development Process

The course development process generally spans several months. As a busy professional, we understand that how much time is available depends on the number of professional (and personal) commitments that you have. That is why we like to get started well in advance. Regardless, we like to have a good understanding of what your course is all about, along with title and description, needs to be well established six months prior to the start. We have created a number of tools to help you in the process. For a more generally idea of the course development process, please download our guide HERE.



Proposal Builder

The start of the course development process begins with a conversation about you. Your professional experience, interests and what you hope to accomplish being part of the BiP program. This is captured in our proposal planner. It assists in helping us develop a concept that can be used to craft a scaffold to support the course development process.

Proposal Builder Tool

Brain Dump

Once we have uncovered one or two potential ideas for course development, we will ask you to perform what we call a brain dump. The brain dump is an exercise designed to help you think about all of the relevant concepts, examples, experiences, people that you know that could be used to construct a course based on a single idea. We will take your unstructured list and help you develop it into a course curriculum.

Brain Dump Tool

Course Planner

Our course planning tool is designed to help you take your list and develop into a coherent course narrative. The narrative will unfold as your students work through the different concepts/topics that comprise your course. Concepts need to be matched to activities and everything must fit within a seven or fourteen week format.

Course Development Tool

Syllabus Builder

Preparation is the key to having an excellent experience. It is rare to do everything right the first time. However, we try through good planning and our extensive experience to try and make educated guesses that work for you and the students in your course.

Syllabus Builder


Class Builder

Once we have laid out the entire class and have an understanding of what you hope to accomplish over the term, it is time to delve into what you plan on doing for an individual class. It is important to carefully manage the limited time you have in class to make sure you have enough time to cover the important points you want students to understand, but also ensure that you are keeping them engaged as the whole learning process unfolds.

Class Builder Tool

Pre-First Day
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Pre-Arrival Survey

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