Drew Bonfiglio

Designing Solutions for Social Impact

Creating powerful experiences where leadership development and positive impact meet are at the center of what I do. A turning point in my career – and life in general – was the financial crisis back in ‘08. It is now obvious to me that the world needs more responsible leaders if we want to accelerate the pace at which positive social, environmental, and workplace change happens and start solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

As co-founder of Emzingo, I have the privilege of designing and delivering experiences, strategies, and workshops that drive employee engagement, social innovation, environmental awareness, cultural understanding, teamwork, and self-awareness. These are some of core elements that fall under the umbrella of Responsible Leadership as Emzingo defines it.

I work with team members who are as much family as co-workers; clients who recognize the importance of investing in their people, the planet, and social impact; and partners who believe that we can use business as a force for good while making a profit.

My experience is both diverse and deep in many ways. I work across five countries on four continents and with some of the top universities and purpose-driven businesses in the world. I also have experience across a number of sectors, including aerospace, construction, technology, and manufacturing. I have worked as an employee, consultant, and entrepreneur. I prefer the latter. At the same time, leadership development, operational excellence, and impact have been part of my entire journey.