Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics’ Business in Practice (BiP) program partnered with UNH’s Changemaker Collaboration, to offer an opportunity to work with regional companies seeking B-Corp status. Erin Allgood, the instructor of B-Impact Clinic, brings in socially and sustainably responsible companies preparing for B-Corp assessment to then become certified or recertified.

Erin Allgood

How the B-Impact Clinic betters the University and Environment

The B-Impact Clinic contributes to UNH’s achievement of a renewed platinum rating, the highest possible under STARS, the most rigorous system in higher education for measuring sustainability. “This [platinum rating] puts us in the top 5 in the nation out of nearly 700 schools for our sustainability practices across all aspects of the university—curriculum, operations, research, and engagement,” said UNH President Jim Dean.

B Impact Clinic | Sustainability
The B-Impact Clinic Members

As part of the B-Impact Clinic experience, students are matched with companies to address the standards of the B Impact Assessment, a rigorous evaluation tool, and improve companies’ impacts. Students analyze and give recommendations on all facets of the business, from governance to workers to environment to community. “I want [students] to know that they can make a difference… I want them to be able to take [their skills] and recognize that they have all the skills they need and the passion and the drive to make a difference in these companies,” Allgood said.  

Working with sustainable and ethical businesses: A Paul College Student Experience

Paul College students join this experience through the BiP program after going through an application process. Student and peer mentor, Colleen Spear, has been a part of B-Impact since it started in the Fall of 2019. Her inspiration to join Allgood’s class stemmed from her own passions and goals for her future career path. She values working with sustainable and ethical businesses such as L.L. Bean, Stonyfield, and Prime Buchholz.

Colleen Spear '21 | UNH Today
Colleen Spear

Students can increase their involvement and experience over multiple semesters like Spear, who went from a student consultant to help run the program. Spear recognizes the benefits of this course in stating, “B-Impact has been one of the most influential programs I’ve done at UNH.” As an impressive result of Spear’s efforts, she was offered internships with two of the companies that she’d worked with through the B-Impact Clinic.