Anton Rzhanov

Technology & The Changing Workplace

Mr. Rzhanov has worked in the software consultancy industry for 15 years implementing human capital software for international companies around the world. Upon graduating from UNH with a B.S in finance, he stumbled into the field of software consulting and quickly discovered that he was a tech enthusiast with a knack for learning and teaching about technology. His specialty is identifying trends in shifting digital technology and assisting customers in adapting to them. Since starting at the bottom rung of the consulting ladder, he eventually led a consulting practice and directed a $3M subscription-based product line for cloud customers. He has had the opportunity to travel around the world and work with customers of varying sizes and industries. From manufacturing wind turbine blades in Mexico to breathing devices in Australia, his experience extends to all levels of a project life cycle. Over the last two years, Mr. Rzhanov has started his own consulting company and currently resides and keeps bees in Southern Maine.  

Course Description: